White House Says Biden Wasn't Informed About Garland's Presser On the Trump Raid

Brittany M. Hughes | August 11, 2022
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Not only did President Joe Biden not know that his own FBI was planning to raid former President Donald Trump's personal home Monday in search of "records" they say he shouldn't have had, now, the White House is claiming they didn't know Attorney General Merrick Garland was planning to give a public statement on the matter Thursday.

Leaving us to wonder...does this president have a clue what's going on...ever?

Ahead of Garland's (very tardy) presser Thursday briefly addressing the unprecedented raid on Trump's home earlier this week, NBC Senior White House Correspondent Kelly O'Donnell reported, "[A] senior WH official tells me the Biden WH was not informed this was happening."

She added that the official told her, "We have had no notice that [Garland] was giving remarks and no briefing on the content of them."

The fact that the White House has repeatedly claimed that Biden had no prior knowledge of the raid and only found out about it on the news along with everyone else has been compounded by DOJ sources telling multiple news outlets that Garland himself didn't know in advance that the raid was happening and didn't sign off on it. It's not yet clear who was the final vote on conducting the raid, and why Garland and Biden weren't involved in greenlighting the operation.

If, of course, that's true.