White House Claims Jab Mandates On Businesses, Employees, Are 'Empowering'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 13, 2021
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Continuing her shocking inversions of truth, of language, and of the brutal reality behind government compulsion, Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, formerly of CNN, told FoxNews reporter Peter Doocy that President Biden’s issued his blindingly unconstitutional jab-mandate edicts to “empower” businesses, and that the compulsion is a way to give employers and employees “options.”

The incredible story dovetails with a previous piece by MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis, highlighting Psaki’s contemptuous dismissal of Doocy at said “presser,” an exchange in which Doocy asked her WHY the vaccine or repeated “testing” was going to be “a requirement for people at a business with 100 people, but it’s not a requirement for migrants at the southern border” – a clear question about rationales, to which Psaki dismissively replied, “That’s correct.”


Psaki’s sentences on September 10th were so rife with unctuous disrespect and narrative-flips, Nick could write an entire piece on one portion of their exchange, and I can write a piece on another – from the SAME THIRTY SECOND exchange.

That’s because, just prior to her spitting that venomous bit of non-response, she told Doocy this:

The President’s announcement yesterday was an effort to empower businesses – to give businesses the tools to protect their workforces.

Would a US politician of the 19th Century tell a runaway slave that the Fugitive Slave Act is a way to “empower” his or her return to the plantation?

That’s the level of perversion, here. Psaki appears to be so hellbent on gaslighting that she takes a clear act of political compulsion -- backed by the threat of Occupational Health and Safety Administration penalty, fines, potential federal lawsuits, and possible imprisonment for American business owners who don’t comply – and frames it as “empowerment.”

She engaged in a similar release of lyrical drivel last month, when, as I reported for MRCTV, she tried to frame as an attack on freedom the PARENT AND CHILD FREEING efforts of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ to stop local school administrations from MANDATING masks in schools.

And, on Friday, Psaki compounded the Orwellian ”freedom is slavery” insult just a few minutes later telling another reporter:

We think it’s going to have a huge, uh, impact. Many businesses may choose the option of allowing for us, testing, as an option. Many may choose that they should just, uh, just make vaccines a requirement, but it leaves it up to them to make that decision.

Which is a decorous, propagandistic way of claiming that a thug who tells you to do one of two things is giving you “choice.”

It’s the mindset of tyrants, the twisted authoritarian, edict-pushing mentality of the gangster, the same pattern of behavior we see at federally-imposed TSA checkpoints in airports, where unconstitutional “agents” breach the Constitution as a matter of course, mandating that you get groped -- contrary to the Fourth Amendment -- or irradiated -- contrary to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments.

It is indisputable that Psaki and those embracing this mentality are presenting as “choice” the false dichotomy of having to accept one of two mandates.

And, to make it worse? Employers and employees will be forced to pay for the imposition – still, framed as their “choice.”

When asked who pays for the testing, Psaki appeared fuzzy about that rather important aspect of the compulsion, saying:

I—I would… believe it’s probably per business to make that decision, but I—I would… bet that most of the businesses would pay for that.

Good thing she's so "knowledgeable" on the subject. Heck, as we all know, when the business owner has to pay for something imposed by fascistic politicians, it has absolutely no impact on wages for employees, hiring decisions, or prices for consumers.

There seems to be a pattern here, and, perhaps, it can be called Psaki’s Law.

Psaki’s Law dictates that what is real should be inverted to mean the exact opposite -- especially when it comes to political force and threats -- that peaceful citizens should not only be made to conform to those edicts, but that those citizens also should be made to pay to conform, and, of course, that they should be thankful and blissfully content with the magnanimous mandates from on high.

Of course, this is just the latest, most virulent, form of this mentality in the US, and it comes as a result of Americans for accepting the poisonous mindset as embodied by the fifty-year-old Orwellian OSHA in the first place. That's OSHA, which claims to push “safety and health” in the workplace by… issuing edicts, mandates, and rules backed by threats and costly fines.

This mafioso mentality has existed since Nixon and Congress started the OSHA Caporegime in the Labor Department in 1970, and actually goes back to President Taft, when he and the Congressional mafia created the Labor Department (under which OSHA is lodged), in 1913.

These precedents must be questioned if Americans want to not only avoid these kinds of “regulatory” edicts on businesses, but also return to what is supposed to be a “constitutionally limited” federal government.

Without that freedom-oriented approach to political machinations, previously-created offices, and rhetoric, Americans will find themselves targets of greater and greater evil – even as they’re told that it’s “empowering.”

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