White House Blames Hamas For Unrest Along Gaza Strip

Nick Kangadis | May 15, 2018
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It’s a very delicate situation along the Gaza Strip where people are reportedly dying with thousands reportedly injured. However, the White House isn’t blaming Israel for defending itself.

While protests — or riots, depending on who you ask — rage on after the U.S. officially opened it’s embassy in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told reporters that terror organization Hamas is responsible for the “dire situation.”

“We believe that, you know, Hamas is responsible for these tragic deaths,” Shah said. “Their rather cynical exploitation of the situation is what’s leading to these deaths, and we want them to stop.”

Of course, because the Trump administration supports Israel and recognizes Jerusalem as its capital, the media has painted a story of Israel being nothing more than murderers of innocent people. It makes them sound a lot like the Palestinians.

After being pushed further on whether the U.S. has some sort of obligation to tell Israel to “reign it in,” Shah basically repeated his previous response.

“I think that we shouldn’t lose sight that Hamas is the one that frankly bears responsibility for the dire situation right now,” Shah told reporters.

Shah then took the time to answer a question about peace in the region.

“What today is about is following through on what the president promised and believes,” Shah responded, “and it’s also a recognition of reality. I think we’ve — for decades — you know, walked on eggshells pretending that Jerusalem isn’t the capital of Israel, when it obviously is, and this is just a recognition of reality.”

What are we to believe with so many conflicting reports on who’s responsible for the deaths of people along the Gaza Strip? Is Israel responsible, or does the White House’s assertion that Hamas is putting on propaganda show hold more merit?

“The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas,” Shah said. “Look, this is a propaganda attempt. I mean, this is a gruesome and unfortunate propaganda attempt.”

Granted, politicians don’t tell us everything. But, my guess is that the White House knows a little more on the situation than those that write behind a desk in their climate controlled offices.

For video of Shah's comments, watch below:

H/T: Mediaite 


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