White Cops Can't Even Save Black Girls From Being Stabbed Without Getting Called Racist Murderers

Brittany M. Hughes | April 23, 2021
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Thirteen-year-old Nyaira Givens lost her life Monday after police say she was stabbed in the neck by another child in the green space between two apartment buildings where she lived. By the time police arrived on the scene, they found Givens with a stab wound to her neck and her dad trying to stop the bleeding. She was rushed to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center where she died. The 13-year-old girl who allegedly killed her has been charged with murder.

And unless you live in or around Cincinnati or spend all your time on the internet, I’m guessing you didn’t hear anything about this because it didn’t follow the prescriptive formula. This was yet another black child lost to violent crime in her own neighborhood. There was no police officer there to help her. No white cop was standing by to save her life and cause an uproar because he happened to be the wrong color in that community. She doesn’t make for a good martyr for the left’s agenda. So she’s just dead and no one cares. 

Over in Columbus, Ohio, though, we’ve got a whole different ball of wax. Here we see a 16-year-old black girl trying to stab another black girl with a knife. Except this time, there was a white cop on the scene who was able to stop it – by shooting the girl with the knife. And now, suddenly, the whole thing’s his fault.