WhistleBlower: Planned Parenthood Harvests Organs From Children With Beating Hearts


Another week, another explosive and harrowing indictment of Planned Parenthood's medieval practices. In the latest video, whistleblower Holly O'Donnell, a former Blood and Tissue Procurement Technician for StemExpress, details an incident where the brain was harvested from a child with a still-beating heart. This is the seventh video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

The incident took place at Planned Parenthood's Mar Monte's Alameda clinic in San Jose, Ca.

“‘I want you to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor told her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”

The San Jose Planned Parenthood location will perform an abortion up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. O'Donnell remarked about the incident, “I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead, or it’s alive.”

According to state and federal law, the same treatment must be given to a born-alive infant after an abortion as would a normally-delivered baby (1 U.S.C. 8, CA Health and Safety Code 123435). If a heartbeat is present, any kind of experimentation on a fetus with a discernible heartbeat is illegal by California law (CA Health and Safety Code 123440).

In another part of the video, Dr. Ben Van Handel, Executive Director of Novogenix Laboratories, LLC, admits harvesting organs from babies with still beating hearts is a common practice. Van Handel said, “There are times when after the procedure is done that the heart actually is still beating.” Novogenix Laboratories has worked with Planned Parenthood to harvest human organs for years.

Perrin Larton, Procurement Manager of Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc., is also quoted on the video describing abortions where "the fetus was already in the vaginal canal whenever we put her in the stirrups, it just fell out.”

The previous video released by CMP shows Planned Parenthood employees harvesting baby parts without the consent of the mother.

This new video was released as a crackdown on Planned Parenthood practices that occur throughout the country. Recently, three Florida locations were cited for performing illegal abortions. StemExpress, the fetal procurement company mentioned in a number of previous videos, has cut ties with Planned Parenthood and may be subject to further investigations. Twelve states have launched their own investigations into the abortion giant: South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. Alabama, New Hampshire and Louisiana have cut off taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. 

Watch the new video below:

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