While Vox Takes Aim at Conservatives, Its Own Employees Walk Out Over Alleged Mistreatment

John Romero | June 6, 2019
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The last couple of days for the internet have been turbulent as a slew of YouTubers, virtually all right-leaning politically, have had their channels demonetized, banned, or videos removed after Vox Media journalist Carlos Maza tried to get popular conservative comedian Steven Crowder's show "Louder With Crowder" banned from YouTube over an alleged homophobic comment.

Youtube initially had said they found no fault with Crowder, but then caved to the mob pressure and said they'd fully demonetized Crowder's channel, restricting him from being able to make money off his own content and claiming that Crowder could be remonetized if her removed his "Socialism Is For F*gs" t-shirt from his online merchandise store.

Just a day after Vox took aim at conservatives on YouTube, scores of their own employees with the Vox Media Union staged a walkout, saying the company had thus far refused to cooperate with their demands for competitive wages, better severance and subcontracting work.

The strike left the Vox site at a standstill and the New York offices completely empty. 

This isn't the first time Vox employees walked off the job. At the end of May, they staged a one-hour walkout after contract disputes could not be met.

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