While Media Focused On 'Racist' Rally In VA, Antifa Was Screaming Profanity At Black Trump Supporters In Seattle On MLK Day

Brittany M. Hughes | January 21, 2020
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While all eyes were on Virginia, nervously waiting for the bloodshed, violence and open racism promised by the salivating liberal media to erupt from the supposedly "racist" (and entirely peaceful) Second Amendment rights rally in front of the state capitol, actual racism was on full display on the other side of the country, in a liberal city where absolutely no one was paying attention.

It happened in Democrat-controlled Seattle, and it was coming from radical left-wing Antifa.

A group of black-clad, masked “antifacist” progressives were caught on camera harassing a group of black Trump supporters on MLK Day, flipping them off, screaming obscenities and blasting an airhorn.

According to video from the event, Antifa activists continued screaming and cursing during a speech by a female Pakistani immigrant, then yelled “F*** you, Uncle Tom” during remarks by a black Trump supporter.

Katie Daviscourt, a TPUSA rep on the ground in Seattle, said she asked Antifa why they were screaming at black police officers on MLK Day. “I asked Antifa Militants how they feel yelling ‘All cops are bastards at black police officers on Martin Luther King Day?’ They responded with ‘All cops are bastards,’” she tweeted.

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