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While the Media Drool Over Comey's Petty Book on Trump, Here's What They Didn't Mention


James Comey’s out with details from his new book all about Donald Trump, which apparently includes talking about the size of Trump’s hands and the infamous “pee tape.” And the media are eating it up like it’s their last meal before an execution, because apparently a disgruntled ex-fed throwing a hissy fit is more important than reporting...well, actual news.

For example: in case you didn’t know, apprehensions at the U.S. border are up 200% over March of last year, including an 800% increase in unaccompanied children, because we don’t yet have a wall, enough border agents, or policies in place to help push back the tide.

Syria’s going to hell in a hand basket while Assad gasses his own people right and left and no one quite knows what to do about that.

Did you know eight people were shot in Chicago yesterday alone?

Multiple cities in California are suing the state over its sanctuary city laws.

Tennessee defunded Planned Parenthood this week, and on Wednesday, students at more than 350 schools across the country walked out of class in protest of abortion.

But if you’re not up to speed on all that, don’t worry – it’s not your fault. Because the media has been too busy hyperventilating over James Comey’s latest self-serving tell-all about whether Russian hookers did or did not pee all over the president. Honestly, the whole thing sounds like his audition tape for the lead anchor chair on CNN.

And it’s funny how the media is suddenly in such a love-fest with the former FBI director now that he’s written a tabloid-y exposé on a president that they hate. After all, they couldn’t stand him when he was investigating Hillary over all those emails that she kept on her private server.

So if the man actually does his job and investigates a Democrat for a potential crime, he’s enemy number one. But if he retires and writes a book about how much he hates a Republican president, he’s a hero worthy of stopping the presses.

Because who really cares that health insurance costs are continuing to skyrocket because Obamacare is still being allowed to peter on without the support of an individual mandate, because Trump hurt James Comey’s feelings! And we have to talk about that.

Did you know Trump signed a memorandum this week cutting more red tape at the EPA? It’s going to help manufacturers grow their businesses and hire more Americans. Probably not, but I bet you know every sordid detail about his alleged affair with a random porn star more than 10 years ago, because that’s been all over the headlines.

Or how about the fact that the feds raked in a record $736 billion in individual income taxes over the last six months, and still ran a $600 billion dollar deficit because we can’t get spending under control? Bet you didn’t know that either. But I bet you have heard every hypothetical conspiracy theory in the book about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

See, Comey’s book isn’t a bombshell, any more than the thing with the porn star was. It’s a self-congratulatory anti-Trump hug fest written by a petty man with an axe to grind as a way to make money and stay relevant. But in the absence of any actual proof that Trump has committed any crimes, it’s all the media will talk about, because it’s all they have.

Just like Stormy Daniels.

Just like Russia. And the rest of the world be damned.

And if that’s not an agenda, then I’m the freaking Queen of England.


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