While Liberals Target Kavanaugh (Again), Alleged Rapist Justin Fairfax Is Still In Office

Brittany M. Hughes | September 16, 2019

Sitting Virginia Democratic Lieutentant Governor Justin Fairfax just filed a lawsuit to the tune of $400 million against CBS for allegedly defaming him in their reporting of two women who’ve accused him of sexual assault.

According to this, CBS aired interviews with both Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson, two women who claimed back in February that Fairfax sexually assaulted them in two separate incidents in the early 2000's. The lietenant governor has alleged the network “didn't fully vet the accusers' claims and omitted information that would exonerate him,” NPR reports, repeating Fairfax’s claim that “the women ‘unambiguously’ expressed their consent” and that “a CBS lawyer who knew Fairfax from college knew the encounter with Watson was consensual because he was told about it by an eyewitness.”

Fairfax has also claimed the allegations are “politically motivated." CBS, on the other hand, issued a response stating, "We stand by our reporting and we will vigorously defend this lawsuit."

While Virginia state Republican lawmakers have repeatedly tried to hold hearings into the allegations, their Democratic counterparts in the state legislature have continually blocked their efforts.

The lawsuit comes just a few days before the New York Times ran – and then hastily “corrected” – a new report alleging sitting SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman back in college when he and his friends “pushed” his genitals into her hand against her will. While the alleged victim has reportedly said she has no memory of the incident (a factoid initially left out of the Times’ original report), Democratic lawmakers across the country – including several 2020 presidential contenders – have seized on the latest uncorroborated charges to demand Kavanaugh’s immediate impeachment. 

But this tale of two allegations begs several pertinent questions. Firstly, where are the left’s calls for Fairfax to cease his war against the press? After all, we’ve been given to believe that the media are always stalwart and true – particularly when exsposing the abuse of helpless women by powerful men with political aspirations. In 2019 American, any mere criticism of such reports, however unsubstantiated, must be met with immediate rebuke. So then how much more censure should an outright lawsuit attacking one of our unfaltering beacons of journalistic excellence earn? 

And where are the demands for Fairfax’s immediate resignation? Never mind that these allegations haven’t yet been proven true beyond the initial claims – in the age of “#MeToo,” such evidence is wholly unnecessary to demand a politician’s proverbial head served up on a silver platter to quench the public’s thirst for blood.

Where are the petitions for impeachment? Where are the calls for Fairfax’s accusers to come forward into the national spotlight? Where are the demands for Virginia Democrats to open up the state house floor to their testimonies? Where are the book deals? The national interviews on major morning talk shows? The bombshell headlines scrawled across the New York Times’ front page, the scrolling CNN chyron laying out every sordid detail?

Or…could it be that the mantra to “believe all women” comes with an asterisk? A caveat that changes the response based on the political party of the alleged offender? After all, there seems to be no other reason why an alleged sex abuser like Brett Kavanaugh has found himself yet again the target of left-wing ire when Fairfax, who’s been accused of an arguably far greater a crime than merely exposing himself at a frat party in the ‘80s, continues to sit in the Virginia lieutenant governor’s seat and throw lawsuits at any who might question his continued right to be there.