While Folks Watched Impeachment Circus, House Dems Passed Titanic Budget That Funds 'Gun Violence' Study

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 19, 2019
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Guess what the Democrats running the U.S. House of Representatives did while the media adored their circus of “Impeachment”?

They passed a $1.37 TRILLION spending bill.

And guess what? Now that it’s slipped past Americans, and no one can debate it or tell their so-called “reps” they don’t like it, folks at ABC News emerge from their caves to adore it.

What a shock. A massive spending bill for a nation-state that already has a record $22 trillion debt, slid under the tent as the circus animals distract with self-righteous, preening speeches about the “rule of law” and “the Constitution” they break as a matter of course. A Tower of Babel bill increasing generational slavery, almost 100 percent of which is showered on unconstitutional agencies and programs, coming from those blowhards who suddenly claim the mantle of “constitutionalism.”

And ABC kneels in supplication, inspiring one to wonder, why?

Could it be that one of the big boondoggles in the new Dem bill is $25 million to have federal agencies that aren’t sanctioned in the wording of the Constitution conduct an unconstitutional study on “gun violence”?

Reading the text of their online piece is a study itself – a study in bias -- and watching their embedded video is even more illuminating when it comes to the leftist narrative regarding firearms.

Writes ABC’s Erin Schumaker in a piece focused on the breathtaking move of “historic proportions” and highlighting quotes from people in love with the proposal:

While the allocation is less than the $50 million the House authorized for gun violence and safety research in a budget bill it passed in June, Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who ran the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control in the 1990s, called the funding a gesture of historic proportions.

And she made sure to include this fawning pronouncement from a member of “academia”:

‘Year after year Congress has been basically maintained this ban out of this kind of faulty idea that gun violence research has somehow partisan and so as a result it is one of the most understudied causes of death in the United States and it's just really fantastic to see some movement from Congress,’ Jonathan Metzl, professor and director of Center for Medicine, Health, and Society at Vanderbilt University, told ABC Live's ‘The Briefing Room’ Monday afternoon.

In fact, if one takes the time to suffer through their ABC video appearance together, he or she can see how excited Metzl is. He’s so excited, he either loses hold of reality regarding guns, or outright lies.

We’ve had this ridiculous situation in the United States where, on the one hand, gun violence, and gun death, and gun injury have gone up exponentially…

Which is, of course, absolutely false.

As I have reported numerous times, and as the grand professor should know, with the exception of one year out of the past twenty, violent crime in the U.S. – including gun violence – has DECREASED. The FBI Uniform Crime Statistics reveal it. Even the leftist “Atlantic” magazine admits it.

But Metzl isn’t through. He also showers us with this golden “insight” that since the Nineties:

…Congress was prohibited from giving any kind of Federal money to places like the CDC or the NIH or other places that study gun violence.

Which is also incorrect. The “prohibition” Metzl bemoans is a prohibition against federal money going to those agencies for studies that might be created with the “intent” of pushing legislation that would infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, a CDC study published in 1995 showed that civilian gun owners use firearms twice as often to prevent crimes as civilian gun owners use firearms to engage in crimes.

But, of course, both the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health exist quite apart from any enumerated constitutional power granted to any branch of the federal government, so what kind of veracity is one to expect from those who assume these agencies are a-okay?

Oh, and lest we forget, the ABC chat fest also made sure to push the notion that violence carried out with firearms is somehow an “epidemic” (which is scientifically, etymologically, incorrect, and would remain so even IF gun-related violence were skyrocketing, which it is not).

How nice! Just in time for Christmas – the spirit of taking: our rights, and taking advantage of the gullibility of some people to go along with their tawdry illogic and complete separation from truth.

And we haven’t even started with the portion of the Dem funding plan that will push the “legal” age to smoke anything, and to vape, to 21.

Perhaps we should send Congress copies of the Constitution for Christmas. It seems that, despite their oaths, they haven’t read it.

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