While Europe Lectures America on Guns, London’s Murder Rate Is Topping NYC’s…Because of STABBINGS

Brittany M. Hughes | April 3, 2018
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London’s homocide rate for the months of February and March were higher than that of New York City – despite being an awesomely progressive utopia where there are no guns and everything is perfect and wonderful! Except wait.

London’s homicide rate is officially higher than New York City’s after a 17-year-old girl was shot to death, marking London’s 37th homicide in just two months. They logged 15 murders in February and 22 in March, two more than New York City. London’s homicide rate is actually now a 13-year high, despite having some of the strictest gun and hate crime laws in the entire world. Some experts are now predicting the city could see more than 180 murders this year alone.

And while it was a shooting death that ultimately pushed London over the edge for most homicides in March, most of its killings are not from firearms. Nope. The homicide rate in London has actually increased because of a rise in stabbings. In fact, people with knives were responsible for 31 of the 37 murders this year. Guess they should ban all knives now.

But wait, hold the phone: you mean that mayor Sadiq Khan’s perfect, all-inclusive, gun-free bastion of uber-European progressivism isn’t working out? Really?

This is the city that’s been all in a huff over whether people are posting mean things on Facebook, right? In fact, one of Khan’s major recent initiatives is to make sure that people and social media platforms can be fined if someone posts “hate speech” on their Instagram account. He went on an all-out offensive against an ad featuring a woman in a bikini in London’s subway tunnel, saying that it body-shames women who don’t have the waist dimensions of a stop sign pole.

Britain is the home of renowed pundit and self-thought civil rights expert Piers Morgan, who took the weekend to lecture Americans on Twitter about how our Second Amendment wasn’t actually meant to apply to individual citizens outside of a militia.


He’s dead wrong, by the way, and has apparently never actually looked up the definition of “militia,” but then again, maybe that’s why they lost. But hey Piers, while you’re busy slamming us for our Smith and Wessons, you guys apparently can’t be trusted with Pampered Chef.

So here’s a suggestion. Just a little one.

Maybe instead of spending all their time locking people up for offensive Facebook posts and policing free speech, London cops should focus on….well, you know, regular policing. Because as much as we’ve got our issues, it sounds like y’all do, too.

Maybe instead of worrying yourselves sick over whether some critic of Islam offends a Muslim on Twitter, you should be figuring out how to keep your own citizens from getting acid thrown in their faces, which is apparently a thing that happens there. A LOT.

Here’s another one. Maybe you should worry about why delivery guys say they won’t go to certain parts of your city at night, because they’ve been virtually overtaken by migrants who now dominate that whole entire neighborhood and aren’t too keen on outsiders showing up.

Maybe you should take a look at your asinine gun laws and see if maybe allowing your citizens to defend themselves would keep so many of them from catching knives in the face. And maybe, while you’re doing all that, you should shut up about our problems over here across the pond.

But you know, these are just suggestions, and ones I know that Khan won’t take. Because he’s busy finding another soapbox to stand on.

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