While Climate Activists Twerked In the Streets, Conservatives Were Cleaning Up L.A.

Brittany M. Hughes | September 23, 2019
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While climate activists were busy over the weekend screaming from stages, dancing in the streets, tromping around wearing evil plastic costumes and leaving confetti and trash throughout our city streets, Trump supporters were in L.A. – cleaning it up.

Together with a team of about 200 volunteers, conservative activist Scott Presler cleaned up a whopping 50 tons of trash from a homeless encampment in just nine hours in Los Angeles on Friday.

And the results were absolutely shocking. Here’s before…

…and here’s after.

This effort in L.A. came after Presler and his team led a similar mass clean-up in Baltimore, hauling another 19 tons of garbage off the street while liberals were too busy screaming at President Donald Trump for calling out the mess to notice.

Meanwhile, over the weekend “climate change” activists were busy shutting down major intersections in D.C. and leaving behind piles of garbage, confetti and cardboard signs while doing….well, this.

You know, “for the planet.”