While Americans Celebrated Thanksgiving, Leftist Vandals Toppled Statues Across the Country

Brittany M. Hughes | November 30, 2020
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While millions of Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving – alone, in small groups, or with large families regardless of governors’ dictatorial COVID restrictions – a group of left-wingers with nothing better to do, and apparently no turkey to eat, were busy toppling statues of our nation’s most iconic figures.

Including Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

According to this, vandals desecrated, toppled and destroyed statues of President William McKinley in Chicago, a veterans monument in Portland, an Abraham Lincoln statue in Spokane, and two statues in Minneapolis, one of George Washington and another commemorating pioneers who settled the West.

In Minneapolis, a statue of George Washington was ripped from is pedestal and its based scrawled with messages in red paint, including "Stop colonization” and "end Thanksgiving.”

A veterans memorial commemorating Indian, Spanish-American, Mexican, and Civil War veterans was vandalized in Portland.

Protesters actually tied a rope around a statue of President William McKinley, who I can only assume they couldn’t even correctly identify, and tried to pull it down.

Someone dumped red paint all over a statue of President Abraham Lincoln in Spokane.