Where's the Problem? Writers Strike Immediately Shuts Down Late-Night Talk Shows

Nick Kangadis | May 2, 2023
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Hey, maybe TV has a chance to actually be funny again — I doubt it, but one can dream.

Much like during the last time the U.S. economy was in the toilet (2007-08), writers in Hollywood are striking signaling a temporary end to the drivel that we’re given on a nightly basis in the form of late-night talk shows.

Among other popular television shows and movies, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and “The Daily Show” will be shut down immediately beginning Tuesday after the Writers Guild of America (WGA) officially announced they are on strike.

The shows will reportedly begin airing reruns, according to Deadline.

Other notable shows that are seen weekly that will be affected by the strike are “Saturday Night Live,” “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

Besides Bill Maher, none of the shows listed above have been culturally relevant in some time. Following the 2016 election of former President Donald Trump, these late-night shows shunned actual comedy in favor of whatever message had been “brought to you by Pfizer.”

Essentially, far-left sellouts — like Colbert and Kimmel — repeated whatever establishment messages, narratives and agendas Democrats in Washington, as well as their lackeys in the media, told them to say. They got and still get paid a lot of money to indoctrinate audiences for years.

Fallon kind of just says what he has to and will occasionally be entertaining, but not because of anything clever he or his writers have to say, but because of the celebrities involving themselves in strange situations.

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Seth Meyers? Well, Meyers hasn’t been funny since his days at the Weekend Update desk on “Saturday Night Live,” and even then he it was his counterparts displaying their comedic chops to his straight man delivery that gave him any level of notoriety.

John Oliver is what you get when you forget that we fought a war not to have to listen to the British anymore and pretend like what he says is profound merely because of a foreign accent.

“Saturday Night Live,” or “SNL” as longtime fans might call it, hasn’t been funny since the last major cast exodus when names like Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudekis, Andy Samberg, Vanessa Bayer and others were still on the show.

“SNL” has always been left-leaning, but at least they somewhat gave a damn about making people laugh instead of making a point, which usually falls flat in the last few years. If it weren’t for Keenan Thompson, who knows if “SNL” would even still exist.

The sick part of this whole thing is that the current crop of writers actually think they’re doing a good enough job that they need to strike in order to get more money out of their deals. And listen, if you’re good at what you do you should fight to make as much money as you can.

But when you write absolute garbage on a consistent basis and still think that you’ve earned a better salary, then the writers’ level of hubris is close to meeting no equal.

Who knows? Maybe being without the writers that have created the suckfest that is most of today’s major TV shows and movies, it could benefit the people as much as another rumored shutdown, that of the federal government.


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