Where's the Funny? Colbert Compares Mueller Testimony to Doctor Telling Patient They Have a 'Terminal Illness'

Nick Kangadis | July 26, 2019
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The Mueller hearings on Wednesday were a total clown show put on by the left in order to attempt to steer what we already knew from the previously released Mueller Report in their favor. So it should come as no surprise that other people who are unfunny, like late-night talk show hosts, are also trying to conflate what Mueller said during his over six hours of testimony in their leftist narrative favor.

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert conducted his monologue Thursday evening on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and proceeded to talk down to everyone who in the media, even those on the left, who thought the Mueller hearings were either boring or a dud.

To be fair, Colbert did make a decent point for once when he called out CNN’s Brian Stelter for saying that TV ratings showed that the Mueller hearing was a “dud,” as if viewership determines the substance of something.

However, Colbert then went into some kind of Hollyweird acting trance when he portrayed Mueller as a doctor sitting before people, telling them that the country basically has a “terminal illness,” referring to the continued leftist narrative that President Donald Trump was in league with the Russians.

Here’s the scenario Colbert laid out for his easily-led audience:

Here’s the thing. Robert Mueller didn’t come to Congress to entertain us. He’s like a doctor reminding us that the test came back positive, and our country has a terminal illness. And we’re like, ‘Yeah, you told us about three months ago, doc! [Yawn] Plus, I want to point out that when you tried to say tumor, you said tublar. So weak. I know that half of the family here asked you to come back so I would take the “diagnosis” seriously so we can take action while there’s still time to save my life. But look at your tie, grandpa. It’s got a gravy stain. You know what I think? I think we should have an investigation of how you even found that tublar. For that matter, why are you using a CAT scan on a human? Oh, God.’

And scene.

Colbert wasn't wrong in the sense that the Mueller hearings weren't supposed to be entertainment. But, that was where the former comedian stopped making sense.

Apparently, releasing the report that concluded there was no collusion with the Russians on behalf of Trump while Congress held a hearing to basically read the same five sentences of the 448-page report over and over again wasn’t enough.

Leftists like Colbert won’t be content until they have pitchforks with the blood of Trump on them.

This country might have a terminal illness — Trump Derangement Syndrome.

For Colbert’s full Thursday monologue, watch below:


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