Where Were Liberals When Trump Was Warning About Eric Schneiderman Three Years Ago?

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 8, 2018
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For some reason, the term “rats fleeing a sinking ship” comes to mind…

As the towering halls of Former New York State Attorney General and media darling Eric Schneiderman’s apparent hypocrisy crumble, leftists who previously hitched their political wagons to him, praised him, and fawned over him as a stalwart opponent of that reckless “rapscallion” Donald Trump and a supporter of the #MeToo movement to stop violence against women suddenly are shifting blame and distancing themselves.

In response to four women bringing civil suit against Schneiderman over charges of physical and sexual abuse, theft of prescription drugs, and threats to their lives, hardcore leftist, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, issued a statement about her former cohort who “fought Trump.” And what did she do?

She blamed society. Society made him what he is.

To quote the political princess, AG Healey:

My heart goes out to the women who bravely came forward to share their stories, and my hope is that each of these stories helps to change our culture of violence against women.

How sweet. It’s “our” culture of violence against women.

Gonna have to work hard to get more insulting, Maura. 

Yep, it’s not the fault of the accused (and we must remember that Mr. Schneiderman is, at this point, merely accused, on a civil level, while criminal investigations might begin). It’s not the individual who is to blame. It’s a “cultural problem”. That way people like Maura Healey (who had no problem backing the Presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton, a woman whose “non-profit” “Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation” took millions from the Saudi regime, which has a terrible record on women’s rights) can charge onward with the leftist political agenda focusing on the “American capitalist patriarchy” that only a massive and increasingly intrusive federal government can “fix”.

When Healey says, “our culture,” does she mean hardcore leftist hypocrites like Harvey Weinstein? Does she mean Massachusetts’ sainted former Democrat Senator Teddy Kennedy, whose record of foul treatment towards women is, sadly, long enough, and troubling enough to fill a book? Does she mean fellow Massachusetts heroine, Senator Lizzy Warren, who has been accused of creating her own gender pay gap by paying women far less than men?

Leftists across America are either bald-facedly shifting blame, or suddenly distancing themselves from their former #MeToo brother-in-arms.

Everyone from NY Senator Chuck Schumer, who endorsed Schneiderman on more than one occasion, to Representatives Jerry Nadler, Charlie Rangel, and Bill de Blasio have endorsed the man, yet now, they can’t get away fast enough.

Where were they when Donald Trump was tweeting about Schneiderman’s possible dark side nearly three-and-a-half years ago? Sure, one doesn’t act with 100% surety on mere accusations, but when Trump was offering hints about Schneiderman, the left spoofed him. In fact, let’s flash-back to July of last year, when leftist nice-guy Seth Meyers had Schneiderman on the increasingly boring “Late Night, with Seth Meyers” to chat.

As the host fawned and guffawed, Schneiderman proudly talked about his fight to stop state-prohibited drugs – drugs he is now accused of taking, in addition to prescription downers – and arrest those who deal or take them. To get a few laughs, Meyers brought up Trump’s tweets:

And boy, did they have a good laugh.

Seems that it wasn’t a laughing matter, after all…

One wonders whether Mr. Meyers will discuss this tonight with any of the accusers or their attorneys, or whether he’ll bother to refer to Trump’s tweets and acknowledge that, even while he and his pal the now disgraced AG lampooned Trump, the guy was possibly on to something.

One wonders if the gun-control pusher Meyers will discuss the hypocrisy we read in the accusations about Schneiderman, wherein he is said to have belittled and mocked gun protesters, even as he adopted the mantle of “stopping gun violence” himself.

The list of double standards being revealed in these accusations against Schneiderman is terribly long, ranging from drugs, to physical violence, to sexual predation – even as Schneiderman promoted his crusade to go after the #Metoo black hole of Harvey Weinstein.

But can we expect many leftists to apologize for their coziness to the guy when they could have looked into him the way Ronan Farrow did?

As you can tell, that’s a rhetorical question.