When Will It Stop? Black Man Allegedly Beats Two Asian Women with 'Cement Block' in Baltimore

Nick Kangadis | May 5, 2021
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Anybody else notice how the elitist and racist media aren’t reporting as heavily as they were just a couple of weeks ago concerning attacks on Asian-Americans? That’s because the skin color of a majority of the attackers doesn’t match the skin color that they’re tasked with making look bad.

Yet another unprovoked attack on Asian people was carried out over the weekend, allegedly by a 50-year-old black man who Baltimore Police now have in custody.

Video emerged of the man attacking two Asian women with what is being reported as a “cement block” inside the store they own. The women eventually fought off the man, but not before he repeatedly bludgeoned them with the block.

According to one of the victim’s sons, his aunt needed “30 stitches” and had a decent amount of “bruising” as a result of the beating. The man's mother is reported to have "severe injuries."

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It didn’t take long, but police arrested the man and have charged with “two counts of aggravated assault,” according to CBS - Baltimore.

For video of the altercation, watch below (WARNING: Graphic violence):