When Is It ‘Too Far’?: The Left Says Abortion is Empowering! Glamorous! Sexy!

Monica Sanchez | November 8, 2019
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Now, it's not new news that the Left has been on a mission to normalize abortion – to make people believe it’s nothing more than a simple medical procedure. That it’s a part of women’s rights and it’s a woman’s body so therefore she can do whatever she wants with it. That this empowers women with the “right to choose.” That the human being, being formed inside the womb is just a blob of cells and has no rights or say in the matter.  

As if the arguments brainwashing women (and minors) into thinking that abortion is a form of empowerment and that unborn children aren’t – well, CHILDREN – weren’t enough, the Left is taking their crusade to new lows, attempting to glamorize and sexualize abortion as mainstream culture.