When Asked Why She Downplayed COVID-19 In Chinatown, Trump Contrarian Pelosi Blames Administration's Supposed Racism

Nick Kangadis | April 20, 2020
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has become nothing more than a Trump contrarian. If he says he up, she goes down. If he bolsters the economy, she complains that he didn't do it sooner. President Donald Trump will never do anything right in the eyes of the left, particularly to those from the state of California (also see Reps. Schiff, Swalwell and Waters).

Pelosi sat down for an interview with host Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday," and Wallace actually brought up Pelosi's February action of appearing in San Francisco's Chinatown where she told anyone that would listen that there was nothing to worry about in visiting the area.

"If the president underplayed the threat [of COVID-19] in the early days, Speaker Pelosi, didn't you as well?" Wallace asked.

"No, what we were trying to do is to end the discrimination, the stigma that was going out against the Asian-American community," Pelosi responded. "And, in fact, if you will look the record will show that our Chinatown has been a model of containing and preventing the virus, so I'm confident in our folks there and thought it was necessary to offset some of the things that the president and others were saying about Asian-Americans and making them a target."

There really aren't any depths that the leftist politicians from California won't sink to in order make Trump look like the racist, sexist, homophobic monster that they need him to be to feed their narrative.

The problem with Pelosi's assertion that Trump is racist concerning "Asian-Americans" is twofold.

First, if Trump was discriminating against any people, especially in the time frame that Pelosi made her visit to San Francisco's Chinatown, why would the president simultaneously schedule a visit to India and meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Surely, Modi wouldn't have been as accommodating to Trump if he were a known racist.

Second, Trump's problem was with the communist government of China, not "Asian-Americans" as Pelosi asserted. The left's need for Trump to be equated to a dictator makes their push for him to be a discriminatory authoritarian all the more necessary, again, in order to feed their media-supported narrative.

Trump never called this virus the Chinese-American virus. He called it, at worst, the Chinese virus. And though there's still nothing wrong with calling it that, which the president agrees with, Trump said he would stop using the term if it bothered the Chinese community. Let's not get confused. This virus originated in China. Period.

And if Trump is so racist against Asian-Americans, then why did he tweet this out in March?


Pelosi can deflect blame all she wants. That's what leftists do after all. I'd love for anyone to show me any instance of Pelosi or leftists like her accepting blame for anything - literally anything.

For this particular portion of Pelosi's interview with Wallace, watch below: