What's Joe Accomplished In Two Years? Americans Say, Not Much

Brittany M. Hughes | February 7, 2023
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It’s officially been two years since President Joe Biden first took office in January of 2021, as the 79-year-old prepares to deliver his second annual State of the Union address. So what has a half-term under Biden delivered for the American people?

Not much, apparently.

According to a new poll, nearly two in three Americans say Biden hasn’t accomplished a whole lot in the nearly 25 months he’s occupied the Oval, despite his – or, rather, his interns’ – insistence on social media that his administration is doing a bang-up job handing major wins to the average worker and their families.

A full 62% of Americans responded to a Washington Post-ABC News poll saying that Biden hasn’t achieved anything of note since January of 2020. Conversely, 37 percent said he’s accomplished a “great deal” (12%) or a “good amount” (25%).

Fifty-eight percent of all respondents say they don’t like Biden’s handling of the economy, with 59% saying they don’t approve of his approach to border security and immigration.

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Now, to be fair, Mr. Biden can’t even seem to remember he’s president, so perhaps it’s a bit much to expect him to actually accomplish things for the good of the country. But if we’re looking at the totality of his presidency thus far, it does seem a bit unjust to say he hasn’t achieved anything.

After all, in just two years under President Joe Biden, he’s managed to oversee historic and crippling inflation, sky-high gas prices and $9-a-carton eggs, a record-smashing border surge, a tried-but-failed dictatorial vaccine mandate, a supply chain crisis, a lingering labor shortage, an unprecedented lack of baby formula, the onslaught of the rabid transgender agenda on America’s children, the first-ever cross-continental trip of a Chinese spy balloon, and trillions spent on climate change while Americans struggle to pay their heating bills. 

Given all the records he's shattered and historic, family-crushing crises he's triggered, I'd say Biden's accomplished quite a bit - just, you know, nothing good.

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