What's Facebook's 'Beef' With Meat That Resembles Trump?

Mai Tejapaibul | November 13, 2020

Social media companies trying to influence every thought have gone beyond ridiculous these days. Facebook is now flagging an image of a piece of meat with election info. Yes, you read it correctly, a piece of meat. 

Facebook user Charles Hugo posted an image of a piece of meat that looks like President Donald Trump’s profile with a caption ‘It is said that facebook will fact-check this image. Let me try.’



Facebook is flagging the image with its ‘See the results and other info about the 2020 US Election’ including a link to their "voting information center" page that claims Joe Biden as its ‘Projected Presidential Winner.’

Facebook, give us a break, at least let us peacefully look at images of food without trying to ram your election results on our plate.