What Struggle? 'Tennessee Three' Member Justin Jones Joins Activist Joan Baez in Singing 'We Shall Overcome' While Speaking of 'Struggle'

Nick Kangadis | April 10, 2023
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Younger generation have learned a lot from race hustlers, like the “Godly” men Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They have learned that no matter how much society has given them, regardless of their skin color, they understand that they have to maintain a certain level of victimhood, otherwise they would be put out of business.

The latest person following in that vein is “community organizer” and Tennessee State Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville). Known self-righteously as one of the “Tennessee Three,” Jones is using his new found fame to make scenes wherever he goes — including the airport.

Jones posted an opportunistic video to Twitter on Sunday of himself and longtime activist folk singer Joan Baez singing the “gospel,” protest song, “We Shall Overcome,” while captioning about their “struggle.”

Okay, overcome what? What struggle? The establishment media and their politician masters have wholeheartedly supported Jones and the other two members of the “Tennessee Three” since they violated Tennessee House rules last week.

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Another thing this whole charade has done is to move the goalposts and make the whole issue they’re protesting for about gun control instead of focusing on the reason they’re protesting in the first place — A TRANS PERSON TARGETED A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL AND KILLED SIX PEOPLE, INCLUDING THREE CHILDREN.

Notice how they’re not talking about that anymore, and if someone does bring it up, it’s an attack on the trans community — sure, not to the level of attack the shooter carried out, but an attack nonetheless, because the soft, weak people in the religion believe words are violence.

And these activists, like Jones, don’t truly believe words can be violence. If he did, he wouldn’t have hurled a racial slur towards an Indian-American Republican Tennessee State congressman, Rep. Sabi Kumar (R-Roberson County).

Not only did Jones refer to Kumar as “brown face" last week, he admitted to accusing his colleague of putting a “brown face on white supremacy” and that “they [Republicans] will never accept you.”

Besides Jones’ clear racism, which might as well be a part of the leftist starter kit at this point, his last assertion I noted above is ridiculous, because Republicans would have to have accepted Kumar, otherwise he wouldn’t hold the position he currently does.

Jones might be fooling everyone else, but I know a race hustler when I see one, and Justin Jones is just that.


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