What the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Really Want


It's been nearly a month now since the first protesters trickled into the streets of New York City and began what is now a nationwide movement demanding......well, we're still really not sure what they want.  And everytime somone asks them to get specific they go off on a rant against generic, faceless entities like "corporations,"  "bankers" and the "1%." 

So we decided to ask the Occupy DC protesters some questions that they couldn't weasel their way out of.  Here's what happened:

The thing that I found the most surprising about the protesters wasn't their obvious aversion to soap.  I expected that.  It was the fact that at a huge nationwide rally--the focus of which was supposed to be Wall Street shennanigans and wealthy CEO's who alledgedly made millions of dollars in nefarious ways--most of the people we talked too were not familiar with Dodd-Frank.  Dodd-Frank, of course, is the 2010 legislation, signed into law by President Obama, that imposes massive new regulations on the American banking industry.  

But all in all, we got the feeling that a lot of these baby boomers, just liked to protest, regardless of the issue at hand. 

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