What a Karen! Washington St. City Removes 'Karen's Garden' Halloween Display

Nick Kangadis | October 21, 2022
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Reality and humor are simply too much for people to handle in our hypersensitive, over-sanitized, politically correct society. It doesn’t matter how you feel about a certain topic, as long as a joke isn’t mean-spirited, lighten up and laugh — or try and procure a sense of humor.

A Halloween display has been removed from the Prosser, Washington City Hall display and withdrawn from the “Historic Downtown Prosser Decorating Contest.”


The specific display in question was named “Karen’s Garden” and had a scarecrow that was wearing shirt emblazoned with the question, “Can I speak to the manager?”

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How do you not laugh at that?

Ironically, “Karen’s Garden” got so many complaints that the city had no choice but to remove it from all Prosser Halloween festivities.

For those that have been living under a linguistic rock over the past couple of years, the term “Karen” is used to describe a woman who is either particularly nosey or has no problem complaining about pretty much anything.


Check out local coverage of the story below: