What Happened, Joe? Hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan Left Behind Despite Biden Promise

Nick Kangadis | August 31, 2021
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I’m just going to say it. Either President Joe Biden and his regime are incompetent or they’re just straight up liars.

Remember almost a couple of weeks ago when Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos “if there’s American citizens left [in Afghanistan], we’re gonna stay to get them all out?”

What happened to that, Joe? I thought “the buck” stopped with you?

Let me remind you what you emphatically said, Joe.


Stephanopoulos: And are you committed to making sure the troops stay until every American who wants to be out —

Biden: Yes. Yes.

Stephanopoulos: How about our Afghan allies? Does the commitment hold for them as well? 

Biden: The commitment holds to get everyone out that, in fact, we can get out and everyone that should come out. And that’s the objective. That’s what we’re doing now. That’s the path we’re on, and I think we’ll get there.

Stephanopoulos: So Americans should understand the troops might have to be there beyond August 31st?

Biden: No, Americans should understand that we’re going to try to get it done before August 31st?

Stephanopoulos: But if we don’t, the troops will stay?

Biden: If we don’t we’re determine at the time who’s left.

Stephanopoulos: And?

Biden: And if there’s American citizens left, we’re going to stay til we get them all out.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, U.S. forces in Afghanistan were all gone as of Monday afternoon, reportedly leaving hundreds of American citizens — both people and dogs — behind in Afghanistan.

Shameful. Just shameful.