What Else is New? Stacey Abrams Calls Electoral College 'Racist and Classist'

Nick Kangadis | November 18, 2019
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When a far-leftist like failed gubernatorial candidate from Georgia Stacey Abrams has no argument, along with being a sore loser, everything becomes racist. It just goes to show how lazy politicians like Abrams are, especially when they’re attempting to keep themselves relevant.

Abrams was speaking at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. on Friday and brought up another excuse for why the Electoral College shouldn’t exist anymore. It’s become a tired argument and has become just another way for the left to subvert legitimate elections.

Here’s what Abrams had to say (a transcript of her comments can be seen below the video):


Here’s the transcript of Abrams’ comments from the clip:

The Electoral College is racist and classist. We have to remember the Electoral College was not designed because people were worried about Idaho not having enough votes. We didn't know about Idaho. What we did know was that in the south, the populations in the south had equal or roughly equal populations to the north. However, because black people were not considered human or citizens, they wanted their bodies to count for the purposes of the population count but not their humanity.

And the Electoral College to give southern states the ability to count the bodies of slaves, but not have to allow them to cast votes, and thus the Electoral College was born as a compromise. The other challenge was that in the north a lot of them didn't want immigrants making decisions, and they didn’t believe that immigrants and those who were not considered well-educated should be making decisions about who the executive of our nation should be. So it was a combination of racism and classism. Both of those things should be flung to the far reaches of history and the Electoral College needs to go.

So let me get this straight. If everything that could ever possibly be construed as having racist origins should be “flung to the far reaches of history,” what should we do with the Democratic Party? Even if the Electoral College, somehow, had racist origins, how did former president Barack Obama get elected? Was the Electoral College racist then?

Just because you’re a loser, doesn’t make you right in trying to change how this country does things so you can influence the outcome of elections.

And maybe, just maybe, the left would’ve learned from the failure that was the 2016 election by not discounting people that they don’t consider important, like the people of Idaho that Abrams slighted in her comments.

H/T: Townhall

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