What Did He Say? A Confused Biden Delivers More Word Salad During U.S.- E.U. Meeting

Brittany M. Hughes | June 15, 2021
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President Joe Biden’s public display on the world stage this past week has been nothing short of humiliating.

First, there was the embarrassing moment when Biden’s own wife, Jill, scolded him on national television in front of the U.S. military, telling him to “pay attention” after the 78-year-old seemed to mentally fall off the map during her remarks to U.S. troops in the U.K.

Then, during a G7 summit meeting a few days later, Biden accused U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of forgetting to introduce South African President Cyril Ramaphosa – the only black person in the entire room. Except that Johnson had welcomed Ramaphosa just moments earlier, a correction Johnson was all too happy to point out to a clearly confused and blustering Biden.

Then, the president couldn’t seem to keep his countries straight, repeatedly referring to Syria as “Libya” during an embarrassing speech Sunday that his aides tried to smooth over by claiming the mix-up was just a simple mistake.

A “mistake” Biden made three separate times.

Top that off with video footage of Biden literally wandering off in confusion while his wife chases after him, and you’ve got a globally televised string of embarrassing goofs that should make every red-blooded American want to crawl under the table in total mortification. 

Oh, but it doesn’t stop - and likely won’t for the next three years.

On Tuesday afternoon, Biden piled on his week-long string of gaffes and incoherent blunders with even more word salad during his Tuesday remarks with European Union leaders in Brussels. The end result was so bad, I couldn’t even tell you what the man was attempting to say, so I’ll just leave this here:

Transcription: "And uh…I've said before and I apologize for the - Oh, I didn't… Jake Sullivan from the State Department [inaudible]. I'm leaving out a lot of people here I apologize. I'm going to get in trouble. But, anyway, we'll get back to that. But um…uh…we, um…uh, you know...there’s a lot that, uh, that is…is..is happening."

Translation: Biden has no idea what he's doing...or, apparently, where he is.

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