Wha?! Church of England Announces New 'Baptism-Style' Ceremony for 'Transgenders'

Nick Kangadis | December 14, 2018
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The U.K. has seen its share of losses in recent years. Whether it’s persecution of speech, covering up crimes, or arresting people for attempting to practice journalism, the Church of England made a surprise move that really shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the location.

LifeSiteNews is reporting that the Church of England — “the largest Christian denomination in the United Kingdom — will begin to offer transgender people a second baptism to recognize their “new life.”

According to LifeSiteNews:

In a newly issued pastoral guidance, clergy are being told to call men by their new female names, and women by their new male names. The guidance declares, “For a trans person to be addressed liturgically by the minister for the first time by their chosen name may be a powerful moment in the service.”

Clergy are further advised to be respectful of prefered gender pronouns, even if those pronouns do not correspond with reality.

Referred to as the “Affirmation of Baptismal Faith,” the service invites the already-christened gender-confused to “renew the commitments made in baptism in a public setting and provides space for those who have undergone a major transition to re-dedicate their life to Jesus Christ.”

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with reaffirming one’s commitment to their church and to Jesus Christ. Nothing wrong with it at all. But, to have the church make the move to recognize a “change” that isn’t recognized in biology just goes to show the progressive direction the Church of England has steered their ship.

Not everyone is on board with the “transition.”

“The point of baptism is to identify a person with Jesus as they begin a life of following him,” Christian Concern Chief Executive Andrea Minichiello Williams said. “Using an affirmation of baptism to celebrate a gender transition turns this upside down by encouraging people to follow their own feelings and live in identities contrary to how God created them.”

Williams also attempted to give the church a slap of reality.

“It is not loving to mislead people – and wider society – into the falsehoods and myths of transgender ideology,” Williams continued.


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