WH: Obama Sets Single-Month Record for Releasing Convicted Criminals

Craig Bannister | August 31, 2016
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The White House boasted on Tuesday that Pres. Obama set a new record for freeing the most convicts in a single month when he commuted the sentences of 111 more inmates, 16 with gun-charge convictions.

In August alone, Obama has freed more criminals than any president in the past century has freed in an entire year, the White House reports:

“With today’s additional 111 grants, the President has commuted the sentences of 325 people in the month of August alone, which is the greatest number of commutations ever granted by a president in a single month. The 325 commutations the President has granted in just one month is more than any president granted in a single year for nearly a century.”

While in office, Obama has put 673 criminals back on the streets – more than the past 10 presidents combined.

And, despite his fervent anti-gun rhetoric, 14.4% - or about one in seven - of those Pres. Obama freed in August were convicted on firearms charges. All but three were carrying their weapons while committing crimes, and two used their firearms.

One, Alfonso Allen, was convicted of being a felon possessing an unregistered short barreled shotgun, which he employed in furtherance of a drug crime.

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