WH Chief of Staff Touts 'Full Set of Carrots and Sticks' To Push Vaccines


Wanna know the best way to convince millions of hesitant Americans to get a vaccine they don't trust and have already decided they don't want?

Just compare them to cattle - that oughtta do it.

Or at least, that's what White House chief of staff Ron Klain seems to think, telling MSNBC the Biden administration plans to use their "full set of carrots and sticks" to push people to get the COVID jab, including enlisting celebrity help and using "incentives" like paid time off and $100 vouchers to bribe people into getting the shot.

On the other hand, "sticks" include mandating that people like unvaccinated federal employees get tested once or even twice a week if they refuse to get inoculated as a punitive measure.

"We're gonna use the full set of carrots and sticks we have here to try to make more progress. We have nearly 70 percent of people with one shot. We need to get the rest of the country vaccinated," Klein told MSNBC.

Those sticks and carrots also apparently include telling - and, in some cases, even forcing - fully vaccinated people to mask up to keep from contracting and spreading a virus they're supposedly inoculated against, all in an effort to get those who doubt the efficacy of the vaccine to get the vaccine. 

Klein added the administration is "‘concerned about disinformation" surrounding the vaccine.

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