'Wet A** P***y' Rapper Goes Dry: Complains About Biden’s High Price Of Living

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 15, 2022
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Cardi B, Biden super fan, is fed up that prices have skyrocketed. 

“Wet A** P***y” rapper, Cardi B complained about high prices on an Instagram live last weekend. She denied any claims that Biden is to blame for the economic crisis that Americans are facing today, insisting that the economic crisis is a “worldwide problem.” 


Cardi voiced concern about inflation, interest rates and housing. 

"How are people surviving? I want to know, like my family and my friends are so grateful to have me," she said, after boasting about her friends and family relying on her for financial assistance. "But what about people that don't have a me?”

She seems humble. 

Cardi B has a history of putting her two-sense where it’s not needed. She previously endorsed Bernie Sanders and later became a big fan of President Joe Biden. 

In an April 2021 Instagram live, Cardi B chatted with Sanders about how young people can “spread for us to vote for Joe Biden.” She also hinted that we’d be entering a recession. 

Well, she was right! Though, the media is still denying that our failing economy is in a recession even though we are. 

“All these promises are being made but living is unbearable,” Cardi said. 

If a celebrity with a $40 million net worth is noticing the insane prices of today’s society then imagine how normal people feel.  

Luckily, during this month’s livestream, Cardi B offered some advice for people who are struggling financially. 

“The rent right now bitch, I don’t know, you’re gonna have to sell your soul or your p***y.” Oh Lord! Not the WAP again!! 

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“Or you gonna have to sell some d**k,” she added then again said, “You gonna have to sell some d**k, ni**a. You gonna have to sell some d**k or some p***y because the rent is really high.”

I guess Cardi B’s solution to Biden’s failing economy is to become prostitutes and make money off our genitals. 

But hey, she's solution-oriented. 

Last weekend’s live concluded with more of Cardi’s insight. 

“I wonder when this economy crisis is gonna get f**king better like, this is insane, and like, y’all be coming for me like” (now in a nasally mock-type voice) “we have an economy crisis because you told us to vote for Joe Biden.” (Disclaimer: I am 95% sure that’s what she said. Her articulation was horrible.) 

Then she switched back to her regular voice and added some urgency. “B***h, this a worldwide mother f**king problem, b***h.”

It seems that deep down Cardi B knows that Biden is to blame for our sh*t show of an economy but even so, she’s trying to back him.

This is a laughing matter.