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West: What Does ‘Take Our Country Back’ Truly Mean?


What does “take our country back” truly mean?

It is a sincere desire to return to our founding principles that set us on this course some 243 years ago. America represents a grand experiment that was unheard of in the world. It was written about by such great men as John Locke and Sir William Blackstone. America would be the first ever country to codify the theory of natural rights and incorporate them into our constitutional republic. Yes, that belief that “man” naturally is endowed with inalienable rights from their Creator, not by other men, those being life, liberty, and property. As Thomas Jefferson studied these principles, he wrote them into our Declaration of Independence, solidifying the premise that individual sovereignty reigned supreme of the institution of government. Our Constitution would establish, as part of our rule of law, expanded, specific individual rights, our Bill of Rights, which were, as Jefferson stated, part of the “laws of nature and of nature’s God.”

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