West Va. Gov. Counters 'Republican BS' With Literal...Well, BS

Nick Kangadis | April 17, 2017

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Something stinks in the state of West Virginia, and Democrat Gov. Jim Justice is providing the stench.

Justice had brought forth his own state budget proposal in February that raised taxes on pretty much everyone, including a “multi-million dollar proposal” that called for raising DMV fees and the cost of tolls on West Virginia’s Turnpike system.

State Republicans in turn responded with a budget proposal of their own, which went complete opposite direction by not only cutting taxes but also state spending.

Justice, not pleased with the Republicans budget rebuttal, responded by blasting his counterparts for using partisan politics to come up with their contradictory proposal.

“We don’t have a nothing burger today, and we don’t have a mayonnaise sandwich,” Justice said referencing his thoughts on Republican budget plans. “What we have is nothing more than bunch of political bull-you-know-what.”

Not content with just voicing his disgust with state Republicans, Justice proceeded to unveil a pile of animal feces on a silver platter — literally.

That’s right. Justice used literal BS to call out the Republican budget for what he thinks it is, figurative BS. As onlookers applauded Justice’s display of bovine excrement, Justice promprtly vetoed the Republican budget proposal.

Here is video of the scene from Gov. Justice’s own Twitter page: