West: The Leftist Collective's Crazy Call For A Recession

West | August 20, 2019
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If there is one thing that I appreciate about the progressive, socialist left in America is their clone-like thinking process. They remind me very much of the villains from “Star Trek: Next Generation,” the Borg. The Borg were cyber villains who had no individuality. They were a collective body, and everyone’s naming convention was based upon their number in the “collective” … 7 of 9. The Borg’s famous line was “Resistance is futile. You will assimilate.” And when you consider the way the left in America all parrot the same talking point incessantly, and repetitively, they are our present-day Borg. And last week, the left, once again, displayed their collective mindset.

So, last week, and for the last couple of months, what was the incessant, repetitive theme or talking point for the progressive, socialist left – the Borg in America? “We are heading towards a recession.” Wherever you turned, that was the collective word of the left, and it was amplified in all the leftist media outlets. In other words, it appears the left wants us to return to massive unemployment, an economic downturn, loss of manufacturing and production jobs, and growth of the welfare state … just to beat President Trump and attain political power.

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