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West: Iran Is A Major Sponsor Of Terrorism - It's Time To Have A Serious Talk


I think it is time we really had a serious conversation about the number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I find it rather hypocritical, that many progressive socialists assail Christians for wanting to establish a theocracy in America. Of course, anyone not embracing a leftist ideological agenda will be assailed. But, these same leftists are the ones who said nothing when Barack Obama was doling our billions to a repressive Islamic theocracy, Iran.

As a matter of fact, in response to these attacks of civilian oil tankers, some Democrat [Socialist] presidential candidates would assert that it was a result of President Trump’s rescinding of the Iranian nuclear agreement. There are some on the leftist progressive spectrum who are even dismissive of the actions of Iran. Those are the delusional voices that only serve to embolden, and encourage, this regime of islamo-fascists.

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