West: ‘God Bless And Thanks To Everyone That Has Lifted Me Up In Prayer’

Eric Scheiner | May 28, 2020

MRC Senior Fellow, Lt. Col. Allen West is back home and recovering from a motorcycle accident last Saturday.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, West said the accident occurred after he was cut off by a vehicle on a Texas highway and was clipped by another motorcycle behind him as he slowed down.

“I'm so blessed from the Lord God Almighty because not too many people are going to survive a motorcycle accident on an interstate going in 75 miles per hour,” West said.

“The worst part of it was when I was laying there waiting for the medevac, the ambulance, and everything to come in. The pavement was just absolutely steaming hot. And with all the skin that was taken off my arms – my arms felt like they were on fire. But again, thanks to the people that were there on the scene early, who kept talking to me and who got me to stay calm and everything.”

West said he’s happy to be back home and healing, and is thankful to the outpouring of support he has received from the public.

“To come out of the hospital on Monday, Memorial Day, and to have all of those people there just clapping and cheering is just incredible. And I think I still have about a hundred and thirty text messages, a whole bunch of e-mails. So everybody I'm going to try to get to you - may take me a little while because I don't have too much use my fingers and everything.”

“God bless and thanks to everyone that has lifted me up in prayer,” West said.