West: Get Ready To Battle Socialists 'Cherry-Picking' Bible Quotes

West | August 26, 2019
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The Democrat [Socialist] left, party, are reminding me of the nemesis of Road Runner, Wiley Coyote, who continued to seek out Acme products to enable him to catch the Road Runner. And each time, the new attempts were to no avail. The left has had boxes shipped to them of Russia collusion, racism, recession, and all are failing, just as with the Coyote. They have no policy initiatives other than free and open borders, which are also failing.

So, when all is lost, what does the left now turn to... yes, let’s quote the Constitution and the Bible to advance socialism.

You heard me correctly, the party that booed God back at their National Convention in 2012 in Charlotte now wants to “cherry-pick” the Bible to promote socialism. The party that embraces such unconstitutional policies such as sanctuary states and cities for illegal immigrants, now wants to quote from our rule of law? It all happened at the recent Democrat [Socialist] party meeting, held in that bastion of constitutionalism and Christianity, San Francisco.

Well, as a Christian Constitutional conservative I must admit, this absurdity is very comical to say the least. So here we go.



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