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West: After Debates Ask Yourself - 'What Is A Right in America?'


First of all, let me plainly state, any person that does not believe that these United States of America are a sovereign Constitutional Republic, with a rule of law, and borders to secure…should be disqualified for ever being considered for the office of President of the United States.

For us to have recently witnessed these “candidates” willingly admit that they would provide taxpayer funded benefits to those in our Country illegally is disconcerting, no, disgusting. How can one be the leader of something that you do not believe in? How can you be the leader of America when you embrace the policies of sanctuary states and cities, offering shelter to those here illegally? How, can you be our Nation’s President and take an oath to our Constitution which you do not support?

The issue in America as we watched those debates, is not about Republican or Democrat. The true issue is now what is a right in America. Who now defines the relationship between the individual and government in our Nation?

In the America that the progressive socialists presented last week, citizens in America are no longer citizens…they are victims. We will no longer have the equality of opportunity that has enabled our Country to be a standard bearer for individual liberty and freedom in the world. We shall be condemned into a hell of equality of outcomes where any of those twenty who were on that stage deemed themselves lord over us all.

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