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'We're Standing With You In Prayer': Deputy Receives Anonymous Thanks


Florida deputy finds an anonymous note on his car and it makes his day.

WPEC-TV reports on Saturday, less than 24 hours after two Kissimmee Police officers were shot and killed, Sgt. Richard Parks of the Martin County Sheriff’s office received a small note - that made a big difference.

“After dinner, we paid for our meal and walked outside, and on the windshield of patrol vehicle, I found a handwritten note,” St. Parks said. “This says, 'To you from a grateful family. Thank you for being a sheep dog. We love our LEOs and are standing with you in prayer. Be safe in and God's speed.'”

The 30 year veteran of the force doesn’t expect a thank you for his work, but he says it goes a long way.

“They know that I put this uniform on every day to go to work. They know I might not make it home, but it was a choice that I made 30 years, and I still do it today,” he said.

For the complete story on WPEC click here.

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