Welsh Cyclist Becomes Newest Trans To Ruin Women's Sports

John Simmons | March 29, 2022
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If you think the trend of men transitioning to women so they can compete in women’s sports is just limited to the United States, you’re unfortunately wrong.

In Great Britain, a confused Welsh man by the name of Zach Bridges, who now identifies as Emily, will now be racing against women in the same cycling events that he dominated as a male. Bridges had set the British national record in the junior category for the 25-mile race with a time of just over 47 minutes, and won gold and bronze at the British University Championships in Glasgow at the end of February, while representing the University of Birmingham. This is slightly odd considering that despite having undergone hormone suppression treatment for several months at this point, Bridges still won races against men.

Which begs the question, why would Bridges feel a need to compete against women when he was already zooming past other men? Lia Thomas felt the need to transition to a woman because he sucked when he competed against other men, but the opposite was happening in Bridges’ situation.

Bridges said in an interview in 2020 that he was struggling with gender dysphoria but that since transitioning to a woman has been “happier.”

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There you have it folks. Someone is blurring the lines between reality just because he wants to “feel better,” and in the process is going to force women’s sports in Great Britain to go down the drain with him. 

The world continues to embrace a foolish mentality that we can reject reality and that we can applaud people who do. But while Bridges might think that all is right in the world, the women he will race against and likely defeat handily will certainly not feel any better in any capacity. In fact, like many real female athletes in America, they will feel disheartened because all their efforts towards being successful will become irrelevant thanks to some random man who wants to be a woman.

But hey, at least diversity wins the day yet again!