Welcome to SF: Asian Woman, 70, Beaten in Broad Daylight After Leaving House

Wallace White | August 2, 2022
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San Francisco: come for the poop and needles, stay for the broad daylight beatings. An elderly San Franciscan named Mrs. Ren recently made the mistake of leaving her house in the city after sheltering in place over COVID fears, and was greeted by 4 muggers who beat her mercilessly, as reported by The Post Millennial August 2

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According to ABC 7, Mrs. Ren “spent the bulk of the past two years in her apartment in hopes of avoiding COVID-19,” and she said via interpreter, “[Sunday] was one of the first days for a long time [I] went out and this is what happened." As soon as she realized they were “up to no good,” she tried to flee, but was stopped. The thieves stole her iPhone 7 in the assault, beating her relentlessly, receiving a kick to the face from one thug. The 4 juveniles in the security camera footage are yet to be identified.

Here’s the footage of the attack on July 31 via Twitter:

She decides to finally leave her house after fearing for her life due to COVID, and she gets mugged. What symbolizes the state of American cities better? Incidents like this make Trump’s proposal to involve the federal government in securing our cities sound reasonable. The City by the Bay is safer than just 4% of all U.S cities.

Mrs. Ren is now bed-ridden and recovering, being taken care of by her daughter, according to the PM, and lefties tweet “stop AAPI hate” “Defund the Police.” Getting mugged is the small price to pay for living in the liberal utopian metropolis of San Francisco.

Scared of COVID? Stay inside. Go outside? Get mugged.