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'Weight Watchers' Changes Name After PC Backlash


The modern campaign of inclusivity which seems to have spread to every aspect of public and private life has claimed its latest target. According to the Daily Wire, the iconic fitness/diet brand formerly known as "Weight Watchers" has changed its name to "WW" in a turn of events some would consider Orwellian. 

Weight Watchers CEO and President Mindy Grossman announced on the TODAY show that the company will be "moving to 'WW' to be the global marque of wellness for everyone, beyond just weight."

This change came after the company was targeted by various online hacktivist groups on Twitter.

The BBC reports, "Earlier this year, Weight Watchers' decision to offer free membership for the summer to teenagers, sparked an outcry from eating disorder groups, with a hashtag #wakeupweightwatchers quickly gaining ground."

The BBC also noted that "social media campaigns such as the #iweigh hashtag have become popular."

"The campaign, started by 'The Good Place' star Jameela Jamil, encourages others to look beyond their weight, and instead to count other 'measurements' in their life such as your 'three best friends' or your 'one loving sister,'" writes BBC. "The iweigh Instagram account now has 153,000 followers."

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