This Week It's Immigration, But Do Leftists Actually Care?


At a time in our society when perceived outrage is all the rage, the outward whining coming from the Left changes based on what's most advantageous to them. Case in point is how phenomenally, publicly disturbed they were at President Obama's -- wait, they'd never bash Obama -- President Trump's separating illegal immigrant children from their families.

Of course, we all know that the separation of children from their "parents" has been overblown by the media -- along with politicians -- to discredit Trump. The Trump administration was just enforcing the laws already on the books. That would be like if any administration looked the other way when it came to burglary, and then their supporters getting angry when the next administration began prosecuting burglars again.

Just stupid.

Take a look at the video above where MRCTV's Nick Kangadis talks about whether the politically and media-controlled Left actually care about what they get outraged about. Here's a hint: The majority only care about the person they see in the mirror every single day.

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