Weatherman Scolds Schools: 'You Put a Lot of Jeopardy' By Ignoring My Snow Forecast

Barbara Boland | January 6, 2015
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It’s not every day a weatherman gets to gloat out about being right about the weather, but when this guy gets the chance, he really goes for the gusto!

WUSA meteorologist Howard Bernstein lets loose about how he feels after several counties decided to keep schools open despite icy road conditions and then blame the meteorologists after an unusually heavy snow and low temperatures hit the DC-area this morning.

“Some of these counties didn’t close, even Montgomery [County] took forever to pull the trigger! People were already on their way to school when they finally decided to close. And [the schools] are trying to say ‘it was just a dusting in the forecast.’”

“Are you kidding me? “ shouts Bernstein.

He continued: “We told you there was going to be snow, we told you it was going to start 5, 6 o’clock and go through maybe 11 or 12, temps in the 20s, you couldn’t anticipate the road conditions? You didn’t go out and check?”

“You put a lot of kids, and your faculty, and your administrative, and your bus drivers in jeopardy today by failing miserably on the call not to close schools.

Really? This one was a no-brainer,” he spat out with lightning-quick speed.

Bernstein went on: “I know sometimes they’re not easy calls, this one was a no-brainer. “

“Hopefully you learn something from this and do a much better job next time… you guys deserve an F for today,” Bernstein said.

#CloseFCPS (i.e. Close Fairfax County Public Schools) started to trend on Facebook as parents tweeted pictures of what was happening on the roads.




#CloseFCPS started to trend worldwide, even holding the top spot at one point as everyone jumped on the bandwagon.