Weak of the Week: Gen Z Wants Thumbs Up Emoji, Others Canceled Because They're Delicate Sensibilities Can't Handle It

Nick Kangadis | October 17, 2022
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It seems as though “Generation Z” is filled with cowardly soft, weak people. They think words are violence. They need safe spaces. And apparently, they can't handle emojis either. Don’t worry, the millennial generation isn’t far off from where Gen Z’ers are in terms of being courageous. Yours truly is on the border of millennials and Generation X. Maybe one day we’ll get another generation that isn’t mostly comprised of raw nerves.

Apparently, the helmet-wearers on Reddit — at least ones under 30 — can’t deal with the thumbs up emoji, because they feel it’s “passive aggressive” since Gen Z’ers have been taught to read more into things than actually exist.

“It’s super rude if someone just sends you a thumbs up,” a 24-year-old Reddior wrote, according to the New York Post. “So I also had a weird time adjusting because my workplace is the same.”

Or — and here’s a novel idea for the current crop of mental midgets occupying safe spaces all over the world — maybe, just maybe someone sent you a thumbs up emoji as an affirmation to what you were just talking about.

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There was no hidden agenda. There’s no Easter egg with a secret meaning. It could simply mean, ‘Okay.’ But let’s not get started on the okay hand symbol, since the generation known for eating Tide Pods thinks that’s a symbol of white supremacy.

Gen Z'ers reportedly also can't handle other emojis, which the New York Post noted in talking about a Perspectus Global survey.


When it comes down to it, there’s one simply remedy for all the things that bother those in Generation Z and the Millennial generation — grow even the slightest backbone, like the one they usually have on places like Twitter while hiding behind a keyboard, and they might not get “triggered” every time they see a hand symbol that has been around well before they ever existed.

And maybe that’s the problem. Gen Z’ers, and even those in my Millennial generation don’t grasp the concept that things, places, phrases and faces existed long before they were birthed onto this Earth.

In essence, get over yourselves. Sometimes a thumbs up is just a thumbs up.


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