Weak: Rep. Linda Sanchez Invokes Trump, Pandemic as Excuses for Lack of Transparency During Border Crisis

Nick Kangadis | March 22, 2021
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Our politicians in the U.S. — at least the majority of them — don’t care about the plight of real people unless it somehow benefits them staying in their cushy positions looking down on the plebs in society. When they’re not busy pushing policies that help only themselves, they’re talking about how all their shortcomings are someone else’s fault and that the people who pay their salaries don’t deserve to know the truth.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) joined CNN host Poppy Harlow recently to talk about crisis — and yes, it is a crisis — at the U.S. southern border with Mexico. Harlow asked whether Sanchez was “concerned at the lack of transparency” from President Joe Biden’s regime concerning the facilities that have been housing children at the border.

Of course, Sanchez gave the typical, lazy response of, ‘But, Trump…’

“Under the Trump administration, members of Congress were not allowed inside these facilities,” Sanchez said.

Surprisingly, Harlow didn’t let Sanchez get away with simply taking the compare and contrast route and held the congresswoman’s feet to the fire about her initial question.

“That just doesn't mean anything now, respectfully, congresswoman," Harlow responded. "Clearly you were upset about that lack of transparency. Are you concerned about this lack of transparency?”

When Sanchez figured out that using former President Donald Trump’s name as an argument wasn’t going to work with Harlow, she pivoted and blamed the lack of transparency from the Biden regime on the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because of COVID protocols, you can't fill them to capacity, you have to have social distancing. They are trying to process children as quickly as they can, and, no, these detention facilities at the border were not meant for children. Children are meant to be in licensed facilities. But because of the numbers and because of the social distancing that's required, they are doing the best that they can.

Sanchez also claimed that she “doesn’t necessarily think it’s appropriate” for “journalists” to be able to accurately report on the crisis at the border, because these facilities “are not permanent places for children.”

“I don’t necessarily think that it's appropriate for journalists to be inside centers that are not permanent places for children. Children are not placed there permanently," Sanchez continued. "They are processed out of those facilities as quickly as possible and as quickly as the facilities will allow.”

Sanchez doesn’t think it’s “appropriate” for journalists to be able to do their jobs? Sanchez seemed to have a big problem, as evidenced by her earlier comments, that politicians weren’t allowed inside similar facilities during the Trump administration.

Rules for thee, but not for me.

I wonder why the numbers of both adults and children crossing the border into the U.S. are what they currently are? It couldn’t be because migrants believe now that Biden is in power that migrants feel the border is basically open, could it? (Note: answer begins around the 0:48 mark.)

Who knows? Maybe people’s eyes and ears are playing tricks on them.

H/T: Fox News

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