'We Won't Be Able to Drive To Hawaii Anymore!': AOC Impersonator Mocks Green New Deal

Ferlon Webster Jr. | May 15, 2019
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Ava Martinez a.k.a. “Mini AOC” is back at it again — this time the 8-year-old is mocking Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s views on climate change and her Green New Deal plan.

Jumping right in to the fun, Martinez starts off letting everyone know she’s AOC in Washington, D.C and adds a quick “history lesson” thereafter.

“Like, hello America, AOC here again, but this time from Washington D.C.,” she said. “Which is named after our country’s first president — George Washington D.C. — did you know that?”

The 8-year-old then gives AOC’s plan to “single-handedly save the planet” after watching an informative movie that seemed to change her life.

“I call it the Green New Deal. I picked green because I’m still learning my colors,” Martinez explained. “I came up with my plan after we were watching like the most important documentary on climate change — it’s called Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.”

“That’s not me saying it, that’s science,” she continued. “My Green New Deal costs like 93 trillion dollars. Do you know how much that is? Me neither, because it’s totally worth it. If sea levels keep rising, we won’t be able to drive to Hawaii anymore.”

The AOC impersonator is then revealed to be sitting in an electric car made for kids. She tells us we'll be forced to purchase one of these electric vehicles under her energy saving plan.

Her impersonation gets even more amusing as she reveals her “boyfriend” has the same vehicle — which she purchased using campaign donations.

As the boy impersonating Ocasio’s boyfriend drove next to Mini AOC in his mini black “Wrangler,” she stops him from attempting to speak, saying, “Did I tell you not to speak? If you say one word, you’re driving the pink one.”

The camera follows him as he leaves and a sign that caught a lot of conservative eyes was revealed, it read: “Free @RealJamesWoods.” Woods’ Twitter account was suspended because he refused to take down a tweet that the Twitter “police” found to be triggering. 

Here’s some nice comments to Mini AOC from her followers: