'We Need Help:' Mayor Eric Adams Begs For Aid As Busses of Migrants Arrive in NYC

Brittany M. Hughes | August 7, 2022
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is following up on his promise to send border-crossers from the Lone Star State to Washington, D.C. by bussing even more illegal aliens to the "sanctuary" of New York City.

Where, I'm sure, they will be welcomed with open arms and open, bottomless government wallets - just not open homeless shelters.

Likely because, just as in D.C., those shelters, already inundated with the local homeless population, may soon be maxed-out by the "unprecedented" numbers of migrants being rerouted to the city and out of border states, which have long struggled under the influx with little help from more "compassionate" blue states.

Fox News tweeted the first bus full of recent border crossers just landed in the Big Apple last weekend, with more certainly on their way. The video shows a stream of mostly adult males exiting the bus at the Port Authority terminal and being welcomed by masked workers. When asked to comment on why they're in New York City, several of the men responded that they don't speak English, only Spanish.

Mayor Eric Adams railed against Abbott for sending crowds of migrants into his city, despite having long espoused the left's love of illegal aliens, commitment to welcoming border crossers, and open promise to offer sanctuary to those living in the United States in violation of the law.

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“This is horrific, when you think about what the governor is doing,” Adams told reporters while standing at the bus depot this weekend, claiming without proof that migrants were "forced" onto the bus.

“Some of the families are on the bus that wanted to go to other locations, and they were not allowed to do so. They were forced on the bus,” Adams said. “Our goal is to immediately find out each family’s needs and give them the assistance they want.”

About 4,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since May, just a tiny percent of the 1.6 million-plus illegal aliens who've been apprehended at the Southwest U.S. border this fiscal year alone.

Adams is now pleading with the feds to help his city deal with the influx - which, notably, is just a small fraction of the number of illegal aliens states like Texas are forced to deal with every single day.

“We need help, and we’re reaching out to the federal government to tell them that we need help,” Adams said. “We’re going to get through this.”

Adams also complained that Texas isn't giving him any heads up about how many migrants they're sending, or providing any information on the people who're showing up.

Ironic, given that the left has long ignored border towns complaints that they don't have any information on the thousands of migrants who've long been released into their towns - towns with far fewer resources than New York City.

But hey, this is New York, home of ultimate compassion and bastion of hope for those who put feelings ahead of law, safety, or common sense. You wanted the huddled masses? Now you've got them.