...'We'? Millionaire Economist Says 'If We Stand In Solidarity, We Will Win' Against the Rich

Brittany M. Hughes | February 8, 2022
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Liberal millionaire economist Robert Reich is urging the peasant class to “work together” to defeat the rich, adding that, “if we stand in solidarity, we will win.”

“Never forget this: Working people outnumber the billionaires and CEOs by a huge margin. If we stand in solidarity, we will win,” Reich tweeted Monday, apparently forgetting that he’s worth about $4 million while the average American makes around $54k a year. hen again, perhaps that’s why Reich notably chose to target “billionaires” in his (presumably metaphorical) call to arms, rather than those who're simply worth a mere 74 times the everyday working person.

It’s not a detail that was lost on the internet, though.

Reich, who worked under multiple presidents including Jimmy Carter, and who also once tweeted that Democrats should physically assault Krysten Sinema for refusing to vote along party lines against the filibuster, failed to explain what exactly “we” will “win” if we stand against billionaires and the heads of companies that create jobs and employ millions of Americans, or how sheer numbers will achieve that end.

But however this hypothetical battle goes down, I assume the grand prize will involve watching yourself get replaced by a kiosk.

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