"We Know Who You Are" PA Department of Revenue's Orwellian Ad

Joe Schoffstall | May 3, 2010
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A new ad released by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is raising eyebrows due to its suggestive nature and backdrop of the clip. The ad, which is being called “We Know Who You Are”, begins in a satellite view, and gradually zooms in on the house of “Tom”, a man who is apparently back on his taxes- and the Department of Revenue 'knows who he is'.

“Your name is Tom, you live right off 5th street, nice car, Tom – but not so nice is that you owe Pennsylvania $4,212 in back taxes. Listen Tom, we can make this easy, pay online by June 18th and we'll skip your penalty and take half off your interest. Because Tom, we do know who you are,” says the advertisement. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue was contacted concerning the advertisement, but did not initially respond or return the phone call before the article was published. Update: The PA Department of Revenue told Eyeblast.tv the advertisement is geared towards the 3 percent of Pennsylvanians who do not pay their taxes, noting small business owners. The spokeswoman said that 97 percent of Pennsylvanians do, in fact, pay their taxes, and the advertisement is not geared towards them.